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Newmarket Pre-Cast

Reimagining Inventory Management: A middleware application that streamlines inventory management with QuickBooks

Renowned for over 60 years as an industry leader, Newmarket Pre-Cast stands committed to delivering superior quality and innovative solutions for a diverse range of precast products, including septic tanks, holding tanks, oil & grease interceptors, pumping chambers, storage sheds, and retaining walls.

Thinkbound, in collaboration with Newmarket Pre-Cast, embarked on a mission to enhance inventory management through the development of a sophisticated Inventory Management System (IMS). This case study outlines the challenges faced, the innovative solutions implemented, and the positive results achieved by the new system.


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Thinkbound wireframes the entire application and workflows into an interactive prototype to solicit stakeholder feedback prior to development

Production Module

The Production Tab in the IMS is a vital tool for Production workers to view products falling below set minimum inventory levels in QuickBooks.

Through color-coded highlights, it emphasizes items needing immediate production attention. This module updates production levels in real-time as inventory levels are adjusted through production.. This synergy ensures efficient decision-making between inventory production workers, optimizing production efforts and meeting customer demands promptly.

Inventory Management Module

This module, designed for on-the-go efficiency, provides Yard Managers with a mobile-friendly interface for prompt inventory updates.

It empowers Yard Managers to add or remove quantities of a product with a rationale for doing so.  All activities are communicated to QuickBooks and Production module during an automated sync process.

The system ensures real-time reflection of these updates, maintaining accuracy within the inventory, QuickBooks and production module.

Automated Synchronization Process

The automated synchronization process ensures bidirectional data syncing for real-time consistency between QuickBooks and the Inventory Management System. The Sales Orders, Invoices, and Credit Memos generated in QuickBooks are sent in real-time to the IMS which generates the instructions for inventory assignment, production and inventory adjustments.  Comprehensive logs track every inventory, production and user generated action for accountability.

Custom Products

The Custom Products Module, integrated into the IMS, streamlines the process for sales orders featuring custom products. This module allows a representative to upload essential documentation and provide comments, guiding production staff in crafting the custom product. Representatives are required  to upload documentation and provide comments for production staff to follow during custom product creation. The Custom Product Module incorporates a verification step for quality control. Upon completion, the finished product undergoes a review by the Quality Control Manager before being marked as complete. The IMS then automatically assigns the newly created custom product to the respective sales order. Simultaneously, an email notification is sent to the sales representative, signaling that the order is now prepared for delivery.

This integrated approach ensures a seamless and efficient workflow, from the initial customization stages through quality control verification to the final assignment and notification, enhancing overall productivity within the IMS and QuickBooks.


In conclusion, Thinkbound’s Inventory Management System successfully optimized Newmarket Pre-Cast’s inventory processes, overcoming challenges and delivering tangible benefits. 

The implementation of Thinkbound’s solutions yielded significant positive results for Newmarket Pre-Cast that included Improved Data Consistency, Real-time User Friendly Inventory Management and Custom Product Oversight, Enhanced Quality Control, efficient sales order management, Transparent inventory management,

The collaborative effort resulted in a tailored solution that aligns with the specific needs of Newmarket Pre-Cast’s operations, setting a new standard for efficient inventory management.