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Cando Apartments

Streamlining Property Management Operations with Apartment Management Application

Cando Apartments is a property management company overseeing a diverse portfolio of apartment buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. Faced with manual administration and paper processes, communication gaps within software, and opportunities for better handling of purchase and maintenance requests, the company sought out an expandable, custom-tailored solution to streamline their property management operations.


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Tailored Mobile Application

Thinkbound developed a user-friendly website that seamlessly adapts to both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring an accessible browsing experience for all members.

Anywhere, anytime operation.  Thinkbound successfully created a mobile-friendly, responsive application tailored for internal use. This mobile compatibility empowers Building and Property Managers with the flexibility to perform crucial operations on the go, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness to tenant needs.

Purchase Order Management

A seamless workflow for approval processes of Purchase Orders.

Building Managers can initiate purchase orders, and the system streamlines the approval process by efficiently routing requests to Property Managers. This ensures a swift and transparent approval chain, reducing delays in parts procurement or maintenance.

Inventory and Trades

Intuitive interface for managers to manage inventory and assign work orders to tradespeople.

New interfaces are designed to empower building managers to quickly find their most popular inventory and trades people for addressing parts or maintenance work requests from tenants.

Traffic Sheet for Unit Occupancy

Thinkbound introduced a dynamic module that tracks the tenancy status of each apartment rental within a property.

Building Managers can schedule vacancies, track move-ins and move-outs, and monitor the status of each apartment over time. This historical data provides valuable insights for strategic decision-making and planning.

Website Design & Integration

A groundbreaking addition to the property management system is the integration of the Traffic Sheet occupancy data with the official Cando Apartments website.

This feature enables a seamless connection between the internal property management operations and the public-facing website, enhancing transparency and accessibility for prospective tenants to view dynamic pricing and apply as a tenant.


The implementation of the Cando Apartments application successfully addressed the challenges faced by the property management company, resulting in streamlined operations, improved communication, and enhanced overall efficiency in managing their diverse property portfolio.


The user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have positioned Cando Apartments for continued success in the competitive property management landscape in Toronto.