• Green Storage

Green Storage

Green Storage, a premier self-storage provider in Ontario, recognized the need to enhance its online presence to meet the evolving demands of its customers and the industry.

With a vision to become the go-to storage solution across Ontario, Green Storage sought its long history with Thinkbound to re-imagine their website to appeal to modern users, increase brand awareness, drive conversions, and streamline workflows.


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Website Appearance

Thinkbound wireframes the entire application and workflows into an interactive prototype to solicit stakeholder feedback prior to development

The website underwent a complete redesign with a mobile-first approach, ensuring an optimal user experience across devices. A new sitemap and landing pages were created, optimized for targeted marketing campaigns.

Online Storage Booking

Deep integration with SiteLink storage management software enabled customers to rent or reserve units directly through the website. A custom “My Account” dashboard with a “Claim Account” feature allowed existing customers to manage their accounts and access paying their bills. Enhancements such as tooltips, info pop-ups, price switchers, and amenity filters further improved the user experience.

Enhanced Size Guide

A new interactive size guide was implemented with various visualization options, including SVG animations, video tours of units, and photo galleries to assist customers in selecting the appropriate storage unit size.  Clicking on a desired size would direct users 

Customer Retention Strategies

Thinkbound also implemented a various customer retention strategies, including email and SMS marketing automation workflows for abandoned cart recovery and lead nurturing. 


In conclusion, Thinkbound’s solutions transformed the online presence of one of Ontario’s leading self-storage providers. The implementation of a robust, user-friendly online storage booking system, coupled with a comprehensive website redesign prioritizing mobile users, ensured an optimal experience across all devices.


Additionally, the development of a new sitemap and targeted landing pages significantly enhanced the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.