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Toronto has a flourishing restaurant and hospitality sector. Food and drink are center points that bring all of us together. The growing industry opens the door for many restaurants to offer specialized and varied culinary experiences. To entice patrons to visit your restaurant and return as a repeat customer, a fresh and captivating marketing approach is mandatory. This includes an engaging online presence with consistent, effective messaging that matches your physical restaurant advertising. Thinkbound, a Toronto restaurant advertising agency and marketing company, is dedicated to walking restaurant owners through each step of branding their establishment, both off- and online, for long-term success.

Web Design for Toronto Restaurants

Website designed by Thinkbound for The Miller Tavern.
Website designed by Thinkbound for The Miller Tavern.

Each day, a bevy of new restaurants open in Toronto, which ignite a competition to attract customers with restaurant advertising. In today’s digital world, having an online presence that embodies the essence of your restaurant’s uniqueness and offerings is what is required to attract guests to your establishment. Today’s restaurant needs digital development.

Having a well-designed and search engine optimized website will bring your brand to the widest possible range of customers by featuring up-to-date, relevant content that can then be disseminated across multiple platforms. Photo galleries that show off the atmosphere and style of the interior or the incredible flavours featured in your food or beverage menus entice guests into experiencing what you offer. Designing the website and your online presence to match the feel of the restaurant is simply a great way to introduce new guests to your brand before they even visit your establishment. Spreading this feel and content across social media with consistent messaging secures your restaurant’s space in the digital world. Constantly publishing this content is key to success, and, thankfully, all of this can be automated to save a lot of energy.

Menu designed by Thinkbound for The Fox & Fiddle restaurants
Menu designed by Thinkbound for The Fox & Fiddle restaurants.

At the same time, a well-designed website should also improve the restaurant’s overall operations by implementing tools on the website that allow for online reservation bookings, catering and/or event request forms, interactive menus that encourage visitors’ engagement with your brand, and third party ordering platforms (such as Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats). Taking existing tools that you already utilize (such as reservation software) and linking them to online tools and resources (such as online reservation platforms) is just as important as the look and feel of the website. To streamline processes, every successful restaurant requires application integration to get the most out of tools with the least amount of time using them.

A restaurant’s website designed with all of this in mind, will dramatically enhance your invitation to the Toronto public.

Have a look at what we did for the Miller Tavern, just one of our clients, who found these booking tools and social media feeds to make an effective impact to their marketing and operations.

Restaurant Branding and Exterior Signage

Wall paper designed by Thinkbound for the Phyllo Cafe.
Wall paper designed by Thinkbound for the Phyllo Cafe.

While the world has gone digital and a strong online presence is necessary to attract guests to your restaurant, the physical appearance of your branding and restaurant, when guests arrive at your establishment, is just as important to securing your guests a positive experience. The look and feel needs to match what they found of your restaurant online. All of the design that goes into your branding, website, social media channels, the interior design of your restaurant, the menu, etc. all needs to feed off of each other, creating consistent, lasting marketing and advertising. Your restaurant, in other words, requires identity optimization.

Exterior signage designed by Thinkbound for Charger Burger
Exterior signage designed by Thinkbound for Charger Burger.

At Thinkbound, we have the designers to create sleek, memorable branding that mirrors the quality of your food and service. We also understand how to translate that branding across the many mediums it will be required on. From exterior signage through wall paper and menu design, our team can optimize your identity across every platform, matching it to your digital existence, and ensuring its consistency and reach. Our branding kits are loaded for multi-use purposes, and we know how to get anything made, whether digital or physical.

Take a peak at what we did for Charger Burger in Halifax (yes, we love working in Toronto, but we also love visiting restaurants from all over, and are happy to work with restaurants from all over!).

Marketing and advertising for Toronto Restaurants

Promo poster designed by Thinkbound for The Fox & Fiddle
Promotional poster designed by Thinkbound for The Fox & Fiddle restaurants.

Whether you are creating a new venue or refreshing an existing establishment, it must be able to generate foot traffic as well as provide easy-to-understand menus and easy-to-book reservations. Thinkbound’s marketing solutions offer conceptual, user-friendly menu design and marketing materials that directly target your unique demographics – both online and on the street.

We have the expertise to offer clients specialized and innovative services from menu design, exterior storefront design, in-store displays, online ordering system integrations, inventory management, strategic messaging and branding, and online search engine optimization. Our dedicated team will work personally with you to strategically build out your advertising plan. Whether it is website design, such as for Miller Tavern or Charger Burger, redesigning menus for individual storefronts or franchises, such as Fox & Fiddle, or large format printing and exterior restaurant display, as in Charger Burger and the Phyllo Cafe – or all of them! – we offer a tailored and comprehensive restaurant marketing strategy aimed to target your unique needs and budgetary requirements.

No matter the size of your business, our team of talented professionals treat each and every project with integrity and with direct personal support.

We are your dedicated thought partners in growing your restaurant business

Well-designed branding and constant and consistent messaging will be the engine that will drive new and repeat customers to your restaurant, but once you have your initial design brought into realization, you also need a partner that will continually maintain your website and branding and offer continuous restaurant marketing and IT support. This is paramount for you to focus on your core specialties while we keep abreast of fresh, new trends and leading-edge design formats. We offer you this peace of mind, as we are your partners to ongoing, effective marketing and advertising that will make an lasting impact.

We’re here to help you break through the boundaries that limit your restaurant’s success: call Thinkbound today at 1-800-564-7483 for all your Toronto restaurant marketing and advertising needs.

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