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Identity Optimization for a Successful Business

Let’s be clear: if your business intends on maximizing its potential, then a strong, memorable identity is a must. Your business requires identity optimization.

So, how do you optimize your business’ identity? What does that even mean?

When we speak of search engine optimization, for example, we understand that the goal with this is to elevate the visibility and reach of the website being optimized. If it’s optimized, it should appear on the first page of all sorts of relevant keyword searches; in other words, bringing the website optimal exposure.

When we talk about identity optimization then, we’re talking about everything to do with your business’ identity and the extent of its exposure: your branding, your messaging, your reputation, your reach in your industry’s market, and the engagement you have with your customers. Having one’s identity optimized means having that identity exposed as consistently as possible across every relevant channel under the brightest lights.

How does one know though whether the exposure of their company’s identity is maximized in these ways?

Visibility is good, but impactful visibility should be your goal. The best way to determine this is to compare the exposure and market reaction of your company’s identity to your competitors. If you aren’t getting reactions the way your competitors are, or as many, then we certainly cannot say that your company’s identity has been optimized. You should be found easily wherever anyone searches in your industry, and you should be seen in all of those places under the same light – and ahead of your competitors.

At Thinkbound, we take the time to audit your industry online to determine how you stand up against your competitors in terms of your visibility and how impactful it might be. Your website is one thing, but we want to see every channel you have operating online, linking them all together into an overall notion of your online presence, and then connecting this notion to your offline presence to be certain they are consistent.

From here, we gain an understanding of what you are doing right, the opportunities you are missing, and what is and is not working for your competitors and your industry. With careful consideration, together, we can build a long-lasting, online presence and tailored messaging that targets the proper market, and results in new customers and a strong reputation. It results in identity optimization.

There isn’t an industry not in constant evolution, and nor should your company not be evolving. We at Thinkbound both understand the significance of constant evolution, and execute it on a daily basis. Part of optimizing an identity is keeping it optimized. Once the groundwork has been laid though, the evolution of your brand and identity becomes a natural process, as long as the time and consideration is given to it. We know how to structure and streamline that in the easiest ways – and we are always searching for an even easier way!

It’s your business’ identity, and we want you to be proud to wear it. This is why we always work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, and how best to help achieve those with them. We build as lasting relationships with our partners as we do build lasting online identities for businesses. We’re here to help accommodate your business’ evolution alongside – and ahead! – of its industry by providing you with continuous identity optimization.


Optimize your business’ identity for increased success with Thinkbound: to learn more about what Thinkbound can do for your business’ identity, book your complimentary Thinkbound session with us today.