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Tips and tricks for managing files

In our daily grind, we stumble upon some interesting finds when completing development work orders for clients.  Especially when it comes with migrations and manipulations of files.

Below is our own running list of useful tips and tricks for managing files in Windows OS

Copy file names of files in Windows into text

Simply select the list of files you wish to get file names for.

  1. Hold Shit + Right Click
  2. Click “Save as path”
  3. and Paste in Excel for further manipulation


Bulk renaming files

Download Bulk Rename Utility (It’s Free).  To replace, remove, add, manipulate file name strings for large amount of files.

If we wanted to only shown the 5 digit identify and append the filename with “_preview” we can easily do this by tampering with some of the Remove and Add features of this utility.  See below!


HTML / CSS / JS Cleaner

Fantastic tool for giving your code a nice bath and cleaning out unnecessary syntax

Head on over to html-cleaner.com and take it for a spin