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      At Thinkbound, our focus stems beyond conventional Toronto web design. We are a team of thought leaders focussed on re-invigorating organizations by providing unique multi-faceted solutions that set new bounds.

      Website design begins with a clear goal. Whether it be generating more revenue, public interest or phone calls, we focus on niche markets and conducting research to understand the search behavior of potential customers and find innovative methods to reach and convert.

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      Our Promise

      Major impact

      Visually attractive website layouts that capture your audience, bringing them to your products and services.

      Easy to use

      Easy website maintenance. Training is included in all of our projects.

      Search Optimized

      Keyword analysis, SEO audit and implementation. Google Analytics and more!


      Tools and services that automatically post and share content across multiple platforms.

      Packed with features

      Newsletter modules, contact forms, landing pages, call tracking, and more!

      Your site, your property

      We provide complete access to your website and content.

      Why like us?

      Future thinking

      Following the latest standards in the web and digital marketing industry

      Meet our web designers

      Meet with us in person. We aren’t afraid of answering the hard questions!

      0 long term commitment

      Fixed prices. Support plans optional! Flexible plans to meet your needs

      Local Offices

      Know where to find us.  Come for a coffee any time. Convenient location. Free parking.

      Toronto focused

      Rank in Search Engines for Toronto and surrounding geographic markets

      Fully integrated marketing

      Strategic planning, content writing, email marketing, SEO, social media management, we do it all.

      Looking for a Toronto web design company?

      As a Toronto business owner, it is important to find a web design company in Toronto that shares your vision and provides non-biased, experienced expertise to accomplish your online objectives within your budget.

      At Thinkbound, we take the time to get to know your business and industry, and find innovative ways to distinguish you from your competitors. We do this while maintaining our commitment to integrity and outstanding customer service for our web design clients.

      Putting ourselves in the mindset of a prospective client, we compiled the important questions any client should be asking when choosing a Toronto web design company.

      Important factors to consider when choosing a Toronto web designer:

      Does the web designer have physical offices in Toronto?

      When looking for a Toronto web designer or web design company, one important factor to consider is their physical offices. When arranging a meeting, opt to visit them at their offices instead of having them appear on-site. This will ensure your web designer is in an established, physical location that you know you can access for future in-person meetings when required. It is crucial to know that, if for any reason you need to reach your website design or development team, you can find them in Toronto.

      Our newest offices are stationed in a very convenient location in Toronto. We’re situated in the main lobby at 40 Wynford Drive, easily accessible from highway 401 and the Don Valley Parkway, allowing us to cater to both downtown and uptown clientele.  Free visitors’ parking is always available.

      Is the web development and design team in-house?  What is being outsourced?

      It’s assuring to know that the specialists you are speaking to are the same people that will be taking on your web design project. Having multiple designers being outsourced can lead to inconsistencies, communication breakdowns, and delays.

      Come see us in action. We’ll explain the inner workings of how your web design project will take shape and the different touch-points you will have with our dedicated team of professionals. In-house staff; in-house experience: we are your local, creative thought partners, determined to grow your business with you.

      Experience managing large-scale web development and design projects?

      It’s important that the contractor or Toronto web design company you hire provide examples of websites they’ve developed that have been successfully scaled up from previous iterations. Managing large-scale web design projects requires extended knowledge about website security, server administration, site performance, code maintenance and documentation, code optimization, and recommendations for the best web development path and platform to take on for your project. These are all important factors for facilitating ongoing growth of your website and internet presence. Having examples of national and international clients is a major benefit to you for knowing your web design project is in the right hands.

      Where will the website be hosted? Is it Toronto-based?

      The location of the origin server that hosts your website can play an important role in providing local visitors a smooth browsing experience. When the location of your website’s hosting server is close to the target audience, it will result in faster traffic redirection and potentially assist in page load – a crucial factor that Google looks into when ranking websites on its search engines locally. When Google looks through your website to determine how relevant it is for a particular search topic, where your site is being hosted is a significant factor.

      Search engines will perform a reverse IP lookup to identify where the host server is located and determine what traffic is most relevant for that website. Local search results are particularly relevant if a business is looking to attract local traffic. Choosing a local host will make it easier to target the surrounding local audience and will likely improve local search engine rankings for that website when combined with Toronto SEO.

      Who owns the website’s source code?

      Before any website design work can begin, it is important to make sure there is a clear understanding on the access you will be granted once the website is complete. Some web developers use their own proprietary management systems to maintain their clients’ websites, and those may present challenges in providing you with access to certain source codes. Additionally, the hosting architecture may also present challenges in allowing access to the backend of your website if it is proprietary as well.

      On the other hand, there are open-source platforms that can be leveraged that allow you, the end client, to have full access to their source code, the freedom to manage it, and the ability to migrate the website to other host providers if need be.

      An important request to make is to have control panel access to the hosting account. This could be access to cPanel if the website is built on a Linux server, for example, or on the WordPress CMS platform. This is an important topic to discuss with your websit design company, and to ensure you have access to your website files.

      At Thinkbound, we ensure your website is truly yours by providing full FTP and control panel access to your hosting account and domains. We can even assist in migrating your website to another server or onto our high-performing Toronto-based hosting server if necessary.

      Flexible to your budgets

      At Thinkbound, we always strive to find a way to work well within a laid-out cost structure that meets your needs and budgetary requirements. Our recommended strategies as well as costs and time frames are flexible to your parameters.


      • 5-7 Page WordPress Template
      • NO Hidden Fees!
      • Desktop, mobile & tablet ready
      • Google keyword analysis
      • Search optimized
      • Forms, blog, galleries, newsletter


      • 100% custom designed and developed
      • Custom Content Management System
      • API integrations
      • Custom automated workflows
      • Competitor analysis
      • Monetization
      • Brand messaging & copywriting
      • Telephony, call tracking
      • Comprehensive SEO

      kind words

      “Thinkbound has made it possible for us to tap into new markets for generating additional business. We now have tremendous exposure online and benefiting form new revenue streams as a result.”

      Bill Germanis

      “Online is the future and Thinkbound tied in our inventory management system to our website to allow for seamless online selection, checkout and payment.”

      David Demchuk

      “Alex and team have done an incredible job from growing our company over the past 5 years in a global brand. We could not have done it without Thinkbound”

      Yehuda Benghiat

      “Proposing technologies, tools, and services to be utilized that have digitally paved the road to our ‘breakthrough’ scenarios.”

      Nicole Blain

      “Thinkbound completely revolutionized our information gathering workflows and streamlined systems that resulted in singificantly faster client onboarding and training.”

      Jim Gran

      “We have been using Thinkbound for several years and have benefited from the impact of their work. We highly recommend their diverse marketing services and solutions.”

      Voula Skentzos

      thinking beyond

      thinking beyond your website

      We believe websites should be effective tools for generating revenue for businesses, from either generating leads or monetizing visitors to the website. As your thought partners, we look beyond the website, developing strategic plans set in phases, to get your business where it needs to be to succeed on- and off-line.

      We see ourselves are your strategic growth partners, digging deep into your business to discover opportunities to automate processes, streamline operations, and increase your exposure in the market place.

      We have built the tools to make this happen. From triggering text messages and robocalling customers to setting up rule-based email blasts to improve customer retention objectives, our technical experience is extensive and effective.

      Stemming from our unique approach to growing your business and breaking through the boundaries that limit it, Thinkbound goes beyond traditional web design to a complete digital package and strategy:

      Quarterly Consultations

      Meeting quarterly to discuss overall website and business performance with a business development manager, setting you up for success.

      Technology Sandbox

      Cutting edge solutions continually being tested in our development sandbox.  We share unique ideas proven to work in other markets that can revolutionize your own.

      Monthly Care Reports

      We provide clients monthly website health reports that include the latest updates made to your website, its load speed, visitor statistics, and backup logs.

      thinking beyond design

      Stylish images, moving pictures, fancy fonts and logos, and every cherry to top your website’s cake is all good and well, but guess who doesn’t care about any of it?

      Your search engine.

      Search engines can only read, and they only read text. They do not see the images on your website. The video you spent months editing and perfecting, it doesn’t exist for the search engine – unless you give it text.

      That’s right, your videos and images, and every other fancy thing your website design is going to be shining with requires backend text that search engines – and search engines only – can see. And then, on the backend of images, that’s likely not very much text. No, you need a lot more on your website to attract the attention of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and their competitors.

      Creating consistent, impactful content (for users) must also be relevant to search engines and the keywords that make finding your website a possibility. This is why your website requires a blog. It is one thing to offer users the added value of extending knowledge and information to them, but it is another thing to purpose that article to hit the relevant search keywords as well. You write a blog, in other words, to provide more content for search engines to find your website.

      Text is king for search engine optimization, and designing a website that has a lot of text but doesn’t appear as a textbook to the end user is really the trick every good website designer needs to execute.

      Of course, designers aren’t typically writers, so when you hire a Toronto web design company, be sure that it isn’t merely a website designer you are hiring. Be sure, rather, that you are hiring a team that can design your website, create relevant content (and lots of it), and optimize the website for search engines.

      At Thinkbound, we have a team of thinkers, strategists, designers, coders, and writers, who are all here to make your Toronto web design project a complete package.

      Having a website is one thing. Having a website with engaging content is another. Having a website designed with engaging content that is structured to appear in relevant search engine results is the thing you need.

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