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    Our eCommerce web designs

    Have a customized eCommerce website deliver exceptional results!
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    Looking for more eCommerce websites? View our portfolio

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      eCommerce Websites

      Our customized eCommerce web designs deliver exceptional results!

      Looking for eCommerce websites? View our portfolio

      Working over 10 years with business owners in Toronto, it is important as your thought partners, that you are comfortable and excited about the future. We ask the right questions about your business goals that guide you down the ideal e-commerce strategy to embark on.

      You will understand more about website security, premium hosting and the importance of site speed, how to setup a merchant account and negotiate great rates for credit card processing. Working with us, you will appreciate the benefits of owning your website code compared to paying monthly fees for a third party platform. You will benefit from our experience of building successful e-commerce platforms from start-up entrepreneurs to large organizations in both public and private sectors in Canada and North America.

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      Our Promise

      Major impact

      Unique e-commerce experience that connects customers to your products

      Unlimited products

      Create and maintain unlimited products, categories and relationships!

      Search optimized

      Target product key words with keyword analysis. Google Analytics and more!

      Higher customer retention

      Tools to automatically upsell products and persuade customers

      Packed with features

      Watch lists, coupon codes, product reviews, your site will come with all the features you expect.

      Your site, your property

      We provide complete code access of your e-commerce store

      Why like us?

      Future thinking

      Following the latest e-commerce standards in the web and digital marketing industry

      Meet our web designers

      Meet with us in person. We aren’t afraid of answering the hard questions!

      0 long term commitment

      Fixed prices. Support plans optional! Flexible plans to meet your needs

      Local Offices

      Know where to find us.  Come for a coffee any time. Convenient location. Free parking.

      Deep vendor relations

      From incorporating to setting you up with affordable payment processing. Our value extends further than your website.

      Product marketing from A to Z

      Supplement your products with unique packaging, product sale kits, branding, email marketing, general graphic design and print, we do it all.

      Looking for a Toronto eCommerce web designer?

      We take the time to get to know your business and industry and find the best way to move into market with your products online through eCommerce. We do this while maintaining our commitment to integrity and outstanding level of customer service to our clients.

      We get questions all the time from prospective clients looking for eCommerce solutions and have listed a few of the more important things to consider when choosing a company to built your eCommerce site.

      Important factors to consider when choosing an eCommerce web designer

      Does the eCommerce developer have physical offices in Toronto?

      eCommerce calls for an intimate understanding of your products and services in order to structure a successful online storefront. When looking for an eCommerce web developer, one crucial factor to consider is if they have physical offices. Ensure the developer has an established location where you can reach them to show your physical products and discuss. This will help in the design and overall conceptualization of how a customer should interact with your website and what products to feature including what to upsell and when. Of course, it is also reassuring to know that if for any reason, you need to reach your design or development team, you can find them in Toronto.

      Thinkbound’s offices are located right in uptown Toronto. Conveniently accessible from the 401 and Don Valley Parkway, Thinkbound’s offices are located at 40 Wynford Drive. Free parking is always available

      Can the eCommerce specialist help with other business development needs

      Setting up an online store for customers to find your products and build their trust to transact through your platform can be incredibly exciting but also overwhelming when considering all the moving parts needed to influence a visitor to pass through each touch point and become a faithful customer. Through every step of order fulfillment, there are not only strategies but important partnerships needed with third party vendors to ensure successful strategic implementation. Thinkbound provides in-depth recommendations on how to structure your business, setup merchant accounts with your banks and payment gateways with negotiated rates for accepting credit cards (such as Visa and MasterCard). We walk you through the entire process to get up and running smoothly so orders can start rolling in. If ther are tradeshows coming, Thinkbound provides cost effective promotional material, exhibit design and production and much more!

      What platform do they recommend and why?

      The long term success of your eCommerce endeavour depends on the technology of choice when setting up your eCommerce platform. It’s common for web developers to state they can build eCommerce stores using different technologies, some that are open-source and others that are paid subscription. Such eCommerce platforms can include WordPress, Magento, and Shopify or perhaps they will suggest using a proprietary eCommerce framework that was developed by the eCommerce agency.

      Take time to weigh the differences but more importantly, seek out a developer that specializes is a particular platform versus having experience across many. At Thinkbound, we make recommendation based on a list of criteria that includes:

      • Stage of business (just starting vs. established)
      • The level of product relationship complexity (product composites, groupings, customizations)
      • Number of products (hundreds versus thousands)
      • Client technical savvy-ness (who will be maintaining the site)
      • Industry and eCommerce type (B2B vs B2C)

      We’ll explain the inner workings of how your project will take shape based on our recommended approach and how to smoothly scale up when business starts growing.

      Experience managing large scale web projects?

      It’s important that the contractor or web design agency you hire has experience with managing large scale eCommerce sites where extended knowledge of website security and site performance is required. As an eCommerce platform grows and becomes more complex in handling customer orders and expectations, so does resource usage and hosting requirements. Thinkbound has experience in accelerating content delivery site performance and overall data processing both on the software and hardware level.

      Who owns the website and source code?

      Before website work begins, it is important to make sure there is a clear understanding on what access will be provided once the website is complete. Some web developers use their own proprietary management systems to maintain their client websites that may present challenges in providing certain access to source code. Additionally, the hosting architecture may present challenges in allowing access. On the other hand, there are open-source platforms that may be leveraged that allows the end-client to have full access to their source code and freedom to manage or migrate website to other host providers.

      This is an important topic to discuss to ensure you have access to all your site files. At Thinkbound, we focus on open-source eCommerce development and want your website to be truly yours. We provide full FTP and hosting control panel access to your hosting account and domains. We also assist in migrating your website to another server or onto our high performing eCommerce hosting and security platform.

      Flexible to your budgets

      If you are a small e-business or are planning to sell products online, we understand how important pricing is. We strive to find ways to work well within a laid-out cost structure. Our recommended strategies as well as costs and time frames are flexible to your parameters.


      • WordPress Theme
      • NO Hidden Fees!
      • Unlimited Products!
      • Desktop, mobile & tablet ready
      • Google keyword analysis
      • Search optimized
      • Forms, blog, galleries, newsletter


      • 100% custom designed and developed
      • Custom E-Commerce via API integrations
      • Custom automated workflows
      • Advanced customer retention strategies
      • Telephony and SMS technology
      • And more!

      kind words

      “Thinkbound has made it possible for us to tap into new markets for generating additional business. We now have tremendous exposure online and benefiting form new revenue streams as a result.”

      Bill Germanis

      “Online is the future and Thinkbound tied in our inventory management system to our website to allow for seamless online selection, checkout and payment.”

      David Demchuk

      “Alex and team have done an incredible job from growing our company over the past 5 years in a global brand. We could not have done it without Thinkbound”

      Yehuda Benghiat

      “Proposing technologies, tools, and services to be utilized that have digitally paved the road to our ‘breakthrough’ scenarios.”

      Nicole Blain

      “Thinkbound completely revolutionized our information gathering workflows and streamlined systems that resulted in singificantly faster client onboarding and training.”

      Jim Gran

      “We have been using Thinkbound for several years and have benefited from the impact of their work. We highly recommend their diverse marketing services and solutions.”

      Voula Skentzos

      thinking beyond

      thinking beyond ecommerce

      We believe every eCommerce website we develop should be an effective tool for reaching new markets and generating sustainable revenue.  As your thought partners, we take active steps in finding new ways to increase customer engagement; developing strategic plans set in phases, to get your business where it needs to be, to succeed.

      Working with Thinkbound, we introduce different strategies to funnel existing and new clients through different sales workflows.   Our technical experience is extensive and effective in this area.

      Here are some ways that you benefit from a team like Thinkbound that goes beyond traditional eCommerce development:

      Quarterly Consultations

      Meeting quarterly to discuss overall e-commerce performance with a business development manager, setting you up for continual success.

      Trade-shows and sales

      We have extensive experience in launching successful trade-show exhibits, promotional material and sales kits. We equip you for success beyond the web.

      Grunt work

      We can migrate your product inventory to your store or employ advanced web crawls to find and funnel qualified customers through carefully segmented ad campaigns to your website.

      Unique Website Design

      No pre-packaged templates. Have a truly unique online storefront that makes an impact. Fully tailored to your brand, product and tastes with a strong focus on order fulfillment.

      Sell your Products Faster

      Intuitive ordering experiences optimized on all devices equates to faster ordering from customers at home and on the go. We setup businesses with merchant accounts for faster payment processing

      Affordable and Scalable

      We develop on open-source e-commerce platforms to lower costs and also focus on scalability to grow businesses of all shapes and sizes. There are no ceilings here!

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