Introducing the Social Media Editorial Calendar

Social Media Editorial CalendarIn an age where information travels faster than it takes to send an emoji, something can go from innovative to obsolete with the click of a button.  This is nothing new – the advent of social media has shaped the landscape of communication for the last 10 years and shows no sign of slowing down.  The hallmark of a successful company is one who sees social media not as a necessary evil, but as a valuable tool for connecting directly with consumers in a meaningful way.  Introducing the Social Media Editorial Calendar.

The influx of social media on the market was swift and unexpected.  For many, though its value is unquestionable, its application is unclear and often involves a steep learning curve.



92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business
80% indicated their efforts increased traffic to their websites.
97% of marketers are currently participating in social media
85% of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use.
(Hubspot,  Social Media Examiner)

Thinkbound Marketing Solutions offers Social Media Editorial services that streamline the process and allow synchronized posts across multiple channels to reach a diverse audience.

Introducing the Social Media Editorial Calendar.

social media editorial calendar

The task of maintaining and updating multiple channels (twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc.) can be a full-time job.  By creating a monthly editorial calendar, we focus our efforts and create a streamlined process.  Rather than spending 15 minutes posting everyday, we create a month’s worth of posts in a few hours so you can see exactly what is going to be posted and when.

According to Forbes, having a regular presence on social media creates strong brand loyalty and recognition, increases conversion rates, reduces marketing costs, increases inbound traffic to websites, and boosts SEO rankings


The internet is a dynamic place that feeds off of a constant stream of content.  Daily Social Media updates give you the chance to add to that stream in a deliberate way.

So how can a Social Media Editorial Calendar work for you?

Create brand recognition by highlighting products and services on  Facebook and Instagram.  Post on both channels in tandem to reach a maximum audience.  Highlight promotions and any updates on Twitter to give your customers up to the minute information on your company.

Combine graphics and content to send a meaningful message that is valuable to your customers.

Have confidence in the message being sent to your customers through monthly meetings that create transparency between you and Thinkbound.   We want to work together to combine creativity and strategy to connect you with your customers.

Social Media allows your to keep your finger on the pulse of the market and create meaningful connections with your customers. Call today to see how Thinkbound can create a social media plan for you.

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