Managing your multi-channel marketing campaign

Managing your multi-channel marketing campaign

RankboundMulti-channel Marketing is the future of sales.

Let’s look at our daily lives: In the past hour did you check your email? Check your text messages?  Check your Facebook? Make a phone call? Visit a website? Chances are you just said “Yes” to at least two or three if not all of those things.

Guess what? If you’ve just visited that many channels in the past hour, then so did your customers. We don’t like to be limited to one method of communication.  There are days when I want to be able to find the answer to my question by simply going onto a company’s website and looking on the FAQ page.  Other days I want actual voice-on-voice contact to discuss a more complex problem or to navigate the best possible product for my needs.  All businesses exist because they provide a solution – giving your customers as many ways to find that solution as possible creates the most user-friendly experience.

Your customers are already using up to 10 channels daily to get information on products, this means that you have so many more opportunities than before to reach them. Embracing multi-channel marketing is not only a savvy decision, it will soon become crucial to your business’ future.

Multi-channel marketing has many challenges to navigate.  Targeted messaging is increasingly more difficult because you need to know where your customers are looking, and you need to stand out from the inundation of other campaigns they see daily.  You have to be memorable, and you have to have a stronger enough Call to Action that your customers can’t help but contact you.

Your campaign must leave the customer wanting to “say YES to the __________.” 

What is a Call to Action? Successful marketing requires knowledge of trends, targets, and timing.  All of these work together to create a campaign that is memorable and relevant to your customers needs.  Remember, we are in the business of creating solutions.  This will bring you 90% of the way.  Your Call to Action asks your customers to come the other 10%.  Your campaign must leave the customer wanting to “say YES to the __________.”

This call must be reliable across all of your channels.  Your customers can potentially visit all of your channels in a day, even in an hour.  If your message is not clear and consistent it will reduce its impact, branding your company as untrustworthy.  A highly choreographed series of blog posts, Facebook updates, direct mail campaigns, cold calls, print ads, branding, packaging etc. will transmit the message to your customers that they are value – regardless of their preferred method of communication.

So, you have a strong Call to Action and a targeted campaign that is ready to be rolled out on multiple channels.  How do you know which channel is contributing to your sales and which are just sitting there, costing you money?  Marketing Response Attribution is the finger on the pulse of your campaign.  Knowing what channel triggered the response is the final piece of the complex puzzle of multi-channel marketing.

Thinkbound Marketing Solutions creates comprehensive marketing and communication strategies that narrow down the unique way that your company finds solutions for your customers.  We write a Call to Action that turns browsers into buyers, and one-time visitors into lifelong customers.  By creating a synchronized message across both your online marketing channels, as well as print media and packaging, we effectively tell your customers the story of who you are.

Meet your customers where they are, and call them to an action they can’t help but say yes to.

Contact us today to see how Thinkbound Marketing Solutions can work for you.

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