How a Human Touch can Increase Conversions

How a Human Touch can Increase Conversions

You’ve got an amazing product, great customer service and an accessible website.  You have the formula to generate lots of traffic to your site.  Traffic is key, right?  Wrong.  Traffic is only as good as the conversions it generates. While having lots of traffic on your website will increase the probability of your conversion rates, you need something more.  Once your potential customers land on your website, either through word of mouth or a rewarded SEO ranking, you have to work to convert that visit into a purchase.  But how?

People still want to feel like their buying from other people.  A high-resolution, flash plugin riddled website doesn’t create a connection between you and your customers.  Even if your main message is “customer first” –
if you don’t present it that way then it’s not going to translate into conversions.

Social Media is No. 1 in referral traffic to websites – beating out Google with 31.24% of the total

There are 3 tried and true ways to humanize your brand and bring the brick-and-mortar feel to your
e-commerce site.

  1. Social Media following
  2. Customer Reviews & Testimonials
  3. Videos

The number one way to connect to your customers is through social media.  We no longer have to go looking for our customers – they’re all in the same place and we can send our products straight to their phones.  (Check out our article on Multi-Channel Marketing) Chances are your customer has stumbled onto your site through one of your social media channels.  This is a great opportunity to build trust and show existing customer satisfaction.  Encourage your customers to Like and Follow your pages by rewarding them with exclusive deals.  Put the numbers to work for you.  Studies show that Likes and Followers will encourage other Likes and Followers.  This is free testimonial about the loyalty of your customers that you can and should proudly display on your webpage.

Instagram dominates FaceBook & LinkedIn on average interactions per post per 1000 followers

Following the same approach as the social media tactic, include testimonials on your page.  Giving your customers a chance to comment and ask questions makes them feel heard and valued.  Make a point of responding to as many comments as possible – you can even host a live chat to encourage users to get their questions answers in real time.  You can use the comments interface built into Facebook and Instagram, or have a testimonials page on your site.  Give your customers a place to go to share the human connection even online.

Finally, put an actual face to your site.  Yes, it’s easier to use stock photos and these are great to have on you site as well, but nothing makes it personal like a custom video.  Entrepreneur.com lists this in the top 10 best ways to increase traffic and conversions.  The psychology is simple:  we want to know the people behind the business.  This is the same principle that guides spokespeople and mascots – but why not be the face of your own company?  Having weekly or bi-weekly video segments will create positive engagement and turn that traffic into conversions.

71% of Marketers say that Video Content outperforms other marketing strategies in conversions

More and more people are trying to shop local and support small businesses.  Finding a real way to connect with your customers will give them the personal touch that turns a visitor into a customer and a customer into a repeat one.

Thinkbound Marketing Solutions can optimize your social media presence to get you connecting in real time to your loyal customers.



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