Grow Your E-commerce Business Today!

Grow Your E-commerce Business Today!

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Whether you are an online start-up company, or an established brick & mortar company, customer experience is everything. In a world turning more and more to online, many have wondered what the future holds for brick & mortar businesses. The question isn’t just about convenience, it’s about the experience. Customer experience is the foundation of all successful businesses whether they’re run online or in-store. For most customers, the best experience comes from the availability of a multi-channel experience. In fact, 84% of customers believe that retailers should be doing much more to better integrate their online and offline channels.

With online stores’ 24/7 access and user-friendly interface, customers can compare values, browse options, and make informed decisions right from home. Many customers choose to take part in all aspects of the shopping experience. Some enjoy physically entering a store and feeling the product but still utilize the convenience and automation of online shopping. Other customers prefer to spend their time online, browsing your selection with ease and comfort before heading over to make the purchase in person. Whoever your customers are, the integration of their on-line and in-store experience makes a lasting impression.

Thinkbound Marketing Solutions’ e-commerce website design service creates the seamless multi-channel experience that customers are asking for. Whether in-store or online, a customer will spend more and return more often if their experience is positive.

As a business owner in Toronto, your e-commerce website will allow faster orders through the completely automated checkout process. Customer information, invoicing, quantities and more are all effortlessly managed so that your only focus needs to be on doing what you do best: providing a great product. E-commerce can both foster new business with Toronto SEO optimization as well as guarantee returning customers the great experience they’ve come to expect from your brand.

Thinkbound’s client, Anixis-Darling Floral Studio (www.adfloralstudio.com) says their Toronto e-commerce website is keeping them busy with more customers shifting to online purchasing. “We capitalized on the opportunity to grow our client base and streamline the ordering process. The automated ordering, payment and invoicing set up by Thinkbound allows us to focus on creating a great product while the website creates a memorable experience for our customers.

With Thinkbound Marketing Solutions the functionality of an online store is coupled with a unique website design that reflects the flagship brick & mortar store. You spend so much time creating a memorable customer experience within your brick & mortar marketplace, why shouldn’t your online presence be a perfect extension of that experience?

Visit Thinkbound Marketing Solutions today to start your Toronto ecommerce website today!

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