Do people look for a house or a neighbourhood?

Do people look for a house or a neighbourhood?

Hey there,

Real Estate is changing. What do I mean?

The way people are searching for houses (and AGENTS) has been changing for some time.

So let’s ask ourselves a simple question:

Do people look for a house or a neighbourhood?

Well an easy way to answer that question is with another question – sounds silly, I know, but hear me out.

Does a growing family need the perfect house or the right neighborhood?

Let’s say a family of 3 with one on the way is looking to buy a new house. They search online and find the perfect

house – but it’s in the middle of nowhere…


It is far from the grandparents who will help them with babysitting, and no where near a park or supermarket, and not walking distance to the local school…you get my point.

Or a young professional is looking for a condo…near work, near the type of nightlife they seek out, with access to the amenities they want.



So do people look for a house or a neighbourhood? And when they are searching for that neighbourhood online do they find YOU?

They don’t. But they can. And you can be the person who helps them find the right home in the right neighbourhood. That’s what we do – we build you up, in a cost effective way.

Oh, and here’s the best part – SELLERS find you too.


So how can we help? We are local – not in a some far off distant Internet land of make-believe.

We are here in Toronto and we know Toronto and the GTA.

So click on the links below and let’s meet up – I’ll buy you a coffee and tell you how we can do it.

target-jpgJust contact Thinkbound today with: “Hey George, buy me a coffee” and we’re on our way!

Can’t wait to show you how we can work together!

George @ Thinkbound
Vice President of Strategic Thinking

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