Are you a Google Guru?

Are you a Google Guru?


There are times in operating a business when you find yourself facing a “wall”. A seemingly impenetrable hard surface through which there seems to be no way. At these times, I encourage you to think beyond the conventional methods you have applied. People often confess to me ‘they just don’t know how’ or ‘they don’t understand’.  And when I find the solution to a problem, I am looked at as an all-knowing “guru”.   Lo and behold, all I did was “google it”.

There are Google Guru’s out there – one’s who know how to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers.  This is in fact a skill that takes years to cultivate and refine.  The use of keywords and their unique placements will provide different answers from Google.  Some more accurate than others.  When searching, it’s important to remind yourself of the high probability someone has asked your question before and had it answered already.  Remember this, and resist the urge to post your question on a forum until you have spent a solid 15 minutes scouring every conceivable search engine result page.

Along your search, something interesting happens.  You encounter articles that although are not exactly what you seek, frame your question in different way, and provide greater context.  Through the process of searching, you build a deeper understanding of the subject and how to properly narrow down your search and avoid paths that lead to that “wall”. I promise, by the time you reach that 10 minute marker, you will have found your answer, and built a thorough understanding of the topic to be able to discuss it ‘like a guru’.

The best Toronto web developers and programmers outsource parts of their critical thinking to Google.  They are able to find pre-built solutions to complex technical problems that are then deconstructed, modified and optimized to fit the client’s unique requirements.  There are some important tips when Googling as well, such as taking into account the source of information (such as Stack Overflow, where answers are voted as the best ones by real people), and the age of the information.

In order for a business to strive, its team members must successfully leverage technology.  To this end, a crucial skill to have is being able to quickly consult with Google and parse through information effectively.  Organization of data, after all, is the greatest current challenge our information age is facing.

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