4 signs your business needs a website update

4 signs your business needs a website update

need a new website

website updateYour website is working to promote your business 24 hours a day. But is your website doing the best job possible? A website update can boost sales and improve customer experiences.

The four biggest things your customers are looking for on your website?

  1. Mobile Optimized
  2. High Google ranking
  3. Social Media Integration
  4. It’s easy on the eyes (and easy to navigate)

Mobile Optimized

More and more, customers are using their mobile devices to shop online and visit websites.  Among millenials, 53% are more likely to have a shopping app on their phone. Users aged 18-24 make up the 37% of shoppers who make the majority of their purchases on their mobile device.  Mobile users are on the go and want information quickly. Navigating a desktop site on your phone is tedious and inefficient.  Most users will exit a website if it does not offer them a mobile version of the site. Tap into this growing pool of customers by updating your website to make it mobile-friendly. 88% of people agree that having access to real-time information makes them a more spontaneous shopper.  The 18-24 cohort is only going to grow – make sure you’re connecting with them where they’re shopping.

High Google Ranking

This one is challenging.  Google changes its algorithms throughout the year to ensure users are getting the best results for their search queries.  SEO is crucial for any website, but especially for those with an ecommerce platform.  43% of ecommerce traffic comes from an organic Google search.  This means that your website needs to jump to the top of the Google results page. For a website upgrade in SEO you need a balance of static content that is up-to-date (hours of operation, address, promotions, etc.) and dynamic content that will keep you fresh in Google’s cache.  Dynamic content can be blog posting and linking to regularly update pages like your social media accounts.  Which brings us to . . .

Social Media Integration

Social media is no longer optional today. If you need a website update, social media is a great place to start. Facebook and Instagram are the primary marketing tools of today.  53% of buyers say that Facebook informs their purchase decisions. Through the ability to comment on posts gives users the chance to engage with companies directly and impact other potential customers. When you link to Facebook likes and comments on your website, customers are more likely to trust your brand.

It’s easy on the eyes (and easy to navigate)

Design is another great place to look for a website update. Website design needs to be clean and easy to navigate. This is essential to cultivating a clear brand identity; design needs to be consistent across social media, ecommerce platform and website. A huge 93% of customers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.  This extends to navigation as well.  Make sure your customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

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