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Skyrocket Your Rankings!

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      Local SEO for Toronto

      Thinkbound is your partner with an extensive track record and experience with similar projects, both large and small, and have worked to develop rich and exciting solutions for all of our clients.

      If you are a company looking to generate more leads or to sell products online, we understand how important pricing is. SEO isn’t a one-time thing. To effectively compete online you continually need new high quality links to your site, strong social signals, and ongoing content marketing activities to increase your digital footprint online and in search engines. We take a three-pronged approach to enhancing your online presence by focusing on on-page optimization, off-site link building, content creation and social media management. We work on your site to make it more popular and get the most traffic and sales possible.

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      Key to soaring search rankings

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      On-Site SEO

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      Content Writing

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      Link Building

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      Local + Social Media

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      On-Site SEO

      SEO is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Where most site owners focus solely on off page link building, they leave their onsite SEO untouched. Not looking at site structure, security, page loading or bounce rates.  There are lists of actionable tasks that can be undertaken to bring a website to an improved condition for SEO.  For a website to reach the top of page 1 on Google, it should comply with the guidelines and principles recommended by Google to ensure accessibility, indexability and performance for its users.

      At Thinkbound, we follow a tried and tested, well documented approach to site optimization, utilizing evaluative tools and procedures recommended by Google and other major SEO authorities to ensure compliance with top criteria for accelerated rank performance.  Our general philosophy is we see our clients as partners, working towards long-term businesses growth and as such, we educate clients on opportunities to improve their websites from a user and search perspective with our on-site optimization service.

      What it means

      Secure and Faster Page Loads
      We ensuring effective and secure delivery of assets to end-user by utilizing content acceleration techniques such as caching content and content delivery networks to distribute content effectively. Security including SSL certificates, ongoing backup service and platform patching as well as configuring site with Web Application Firewall to protect against most common hack attempts will prevent site compromises that can negatively impact SEO ranking. Being proactive than reactive is Thinkbound’s philosophy in the realm of site security, ensuring scheduled site upgrades for CMS sites like WordPress or Drupal as well as associated third party developer plugins.

      A lighter site will no doubt contribute to a faster load time and improved experience for users discovering your site online. Tools like Pingdom allow us to review entire content of your website and find opportunities to address technically issues such as slow running scripts, too many external requests to third party applications that may be either redundant or unnecessary, or assets that contribute to large file size.  This includes minifying and compressing style files and javascript, optimizing images or other media or switching to vector (SVG or fonts) instead of traditional raster graphics, and much more.  The general goal is to reduce the file size of every conceivable asset of the site and also reducing the number of external dependencies (since each request to an external source requires time to make that connection).  Often web pages using CMS such as WordPress have too much ‘bloat’ that can be removed or assigned a lower priority.

      Mobile Optimized
      Utilizing performance tools such as Think with Google Mobile Speed Tester, Thinkbound can determine and improve site speed performance versus benchmarks.  At Thinkbound, even our graphic designers are well versed in CSS. We love front-end design and make continual improvements to ensure your website loads perfectly on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

      Future proof
      Accessibility has now shifted away from only mobile-friendliness.  It has become more important than ever, with legislation requiring websites comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Thinkbound utilizes various tools to evaluate accessibility of website and ensure proper syntax, declarations, tags and design principles are followed for each page.

      Code Google Loves
      Although search engines are becoming more intelligent and evolving along with their algorithms, they’re understanding predominately is based on text.  When the source code of a web page is structured to follow the desired syntax and schema that favor search engines crawlers, the job is made easier for search engines to read and understand a web page’s target content; which should also be the target content desired to be ranked for.

      Thinkbound determines the objective of each landing page and ensures the perfect cocktail of relevancy, content quality and code structure to ensure the optimal results.

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      Content Writing

      Content remains king.  But how do you write compelling content that persuades potential customers to buy into a business? And more so, how is the written content meeting the overarching objectives of a businesses online search strategy?  Learn more about what excellent writing means when it comes to content.

      What it means

      Relevant and Targeted for Search Engines
      At Thinkbound, we study carefully the most relevant local trafficked searches for your Toronto business and create uniquely written content structured around a target keyword strategy custom developed to your budget and objectives.

      Engaging visuals
      There are many components of good content.  These include effective imagery, font formatting, call outs, infographics and internal links to other informative and relevant sections of a website or external, credible source.  Thinkbound content includes the perfect cocktail of text and visual elements to tell a better story and engage customers.

      It’s all about quality, and at Thinkbound, our network of writers are hand-picked, Toronto-based professionals with journalism backgrounds that are trained for search optimization.  In fact, our writing staff work with a project manager, specifically focused on on-page search optimization, ensuring content is reviewed and tested for effective search “indexibility”. Creating unique, well written web content is essential for a business to come across as professional and credible in their industry.

      We call upon different writers with different strengths and niche specialties (style of writing, industry, etc.).  There is nothing we can’t write about and on occasion we include the client to provide their professional insights on a topic, to include in an article, to bring more unique value.  This is one of many ways we offer a ‘flexible’ writing service that adds to the overall stock of an article.

      What it means

      Our backlinks are permanent, meaning they will never be removed and the associated websites that host these links will never be taken down. This means that backlinks are sustained and accumulated over time and ranking continue to improve gradually.

      White Hat
      We do not use automated software for spinning text or generating and submitting spammy links. Quick result tactics can expose websites to Google penalties. Our SEO services focuses on a long term strategy focussed on the future of search, and follows Google’s quality guideline to ensure lasting results.

      Healthy Link Profile
      Our tools allow us not only to build healthy backlinks but also analyze existing links that may interfere with search engines from properly understanding and indexing your website.  Identifying dead links, toxic links, or links that direct traffic to 404 error pages, our team then make necessary adjustments and communicate to search engines of these positive changes.

      Toronto Focused
      Focusing on building and referencing local citations with consistent data resulting in high NAP scores will assist in sending your business listing to the top of Google Maps local pack for Toronto based inquiries.

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      Local + Social Media

      And when you’re ready to compliment all of this with relevant and powerful marketing campaigns – we can deliver Social Media, email and print campaigns that get the most out of every dollar – cost effective and efficient is the key. We will set up and enhance your Facebook business page (and other social media outlets), use our management system to update social media feeds when a new blog is posted, set up email marketing calendars, automate email blasts and offer our cutting edge Monthly Reports. Email or call us right now and let us get you started. You know the time has come to make the jump into online and automated marketing that works! We are your coach – we are your partner – let’s grow together.

      What it means

      Why to like us

      Future thinking

      Following the latest standards in the web and digital marketing industry

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      Meet with us in person. We aren’t afraid of answering the hard questions!

      0 long term commitment

      Fixed prices. Support plans optional! Flexible plans to meet your needs

      Local Offices

      Know where to find us.  Come for a coffee any time. Convenient location. Free parking.

      Toronto focused

      Rank in Search Engines for Toronto and surrounding geographic markets

      Fully integrated marketing

      Strategic planning, content writing, email marketing, SEO, social media management, we do it all.

      Flexible to your budgets

      At Thinkbound, we always strive to find a way to work well within a laid-out cost structure that meets your needs and budgetary requirements. Our recommended strategies as well as costs and time frames are flexible to your parameters.

      Site Audit

      • Comprehensive website audit
      • Identify opportunities to improve website
      • Competitor research
      • Niche keyword analysis
      • Find your ‘Keyword Gems’
      • SEO Plan


      $750 /month
      • Niche keyword analysis
      • Find your ‘Keyword Gems
      • Optimize for 6 keywords & phrases
      • Change keywords every 3 months!
      • Ongoing on-page Google optimization
      • Ongoing high quality link building
      • Unique written content
      • 1 original blog post per month
      • Automatic social media content marketing
      • Facebook enhancement and maintenance
      • Google keyword analysis
      • XML sitemap creation & submission
      • Google analytics
      • Whitehat SEO
      • Monthly Rankbound reports
      • Ongoing support
      • Guaranteed results!
      Condo Chicks
      The Miller Tavern
      Mr. Greek
      Pegasus Group
      Real Storage Group
      Stomp Realty
      The Fox & Fiddle

      “Thinkbound has made it possible for us to tap into new markets for generating additional business. We now have tremendous exposure online and benefiting form new revenue streams as a result.”

      Bill Germanis

      “Online is the future and Thinkbound tied in our inventory management system to our website to allow for seamless online selection, checkout and payment.”

      David Demchuk

      “Alex and team have done an incredible job from growing our company over the past 5 years in a global brand. We could not have done it without Thinkbound”

      Yehuda Benghiat

      “Proposing technologies, tools, and services to be utilized that have digitally paved the road to our ‘breakthrough’ scenarios.”

      Nicole Blain

      “Thinkbound completely revolutionized our information gathering workflows and streamlined systems that resulted in singificantly faster client onboarding and training.”

      Jim Gran

      “We have been using Thinkbound for several years and have benefited from the impact of their work. We highly recommend their diverse marketing services and solutions.”

      Voula Skentzos

      Think* beyond the search

      Part of our Toronto SEO service, Rankbound provides a revolutionary dashboard that is designed to help you easily understand website statistics, view the most visited days and times on the internet, play back phone conversations and track customers, read website inquires, improve sales dialogue, and receive live updates on marketing campaigns!

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