Does hosting include making website updates as needed?

Hosting a website and updating a website are two distinct activities in the process of managing a web presence.

    1. Hosting is related to hardware, data infrastructure and networking to keep the site accessible to the public.
    2. Updating a website refers to the ongoing process of making changes or additions to website’s content, design, code security, and functionality – this requires a developer with allocated hours.

Hosting and Updating a website are separate tasks performed by different experts. Web hosting providers are responsible for maintaining the server and keeping the website online, while website owners or administrators are responsible for updating the website’s content and design.

Web hosting providers typically do not handle website content updates. Instead, the website owner or administrator uses a content management system like WordPress or website builder to make these updates independently or Thinkbound offers affordable maintenance plans that include a set number of developer hours to maintain the website’s security, plugins and handle any content change requests as well as provide reporting each month on website health, traffic and work summary.

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