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Streamlining Background Checks: Globeia’s Digital Transformation with Thinkbound

Globeia, formerly known as Worldwide Forensic Services, partnered with Thinkbound to revolutionize their online presence and streamline their background check process. This collaboration aimed to enhance user experience, improve efficiency, and integrate advanced identity verification technologies to facilitate the purchase and processing of criminal background checks online.


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Website Redesign

Thinkbound developed a new website design that aligned with Globeia’s rebranding efforts, focusing on user experience and clear communication of services.

Integrated Background Check Application

A custom application was developed to facilitate same-day background check services, integrating with Credit Bureau Background Check systems.

Automated Features

 Incorporated autocomplete functionality and state-saving capabilities to expedite the application process and reduce friction.

Multi-step Verification

Developed a fallback system for failed verifications, allowing users to manually verify their identity through photo ID uploads and video submissions.

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Police Station Interface

Created a secure, custom interface for police representatives to access and administer background checks efficiently

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By leveraging Thinkbound’s expertise in web design, development, and integration of advanced technologies, Globeia successfully transformed its digital presence and core services to take advantage of online commerce and process payments and background checks online.  The new digital infrastructure has also positioned Globeia for future growth and expansion of services.