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Streamlining Storage Insurance with Technology-Driven Solutions

Discount Storage Insurance (www.discountstorageinsurance.com) revolutionized the storage insurance industry by developing a fully streamlined, customer-centric platform that addresses common pain points in the contents insurance purchasing process. This case study examines how Thinkbound transformed the storage insurance landscape through innovative technology and customer-focused solutions.


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Mobile-Focussed Design

The website was redesigned to allow customers ‘on the god’ to complete their insurance purchase in under 3 minutes from their mobile devices, significantly reducing friction in the buying process.  Also developed flexible insurance packages with customizable add-ons to meet every customer’s needs.

Integrated customer service into IT

By embedding customer service into the IT infrastructure, Thinkbbound ensured rapid development of administration tools, enhancing scalability and customer service responsiveness. 

Claims Processing

Implemented online claims submission and processing within the platform.  Online forms and image submissions and tools for quickly producing the required evidence for underwriter to review.

Discount Storage Insurance in Toronto

Digital Marketing and SEO

Implemented comprehensive SEO strategy for organic search visibility and digital marketing campaigns on social media on search engines to improve brand awareness and generate and convert paid traffic

Toronto Discount Storage Insurance

Automated Communication Systems

Developed automated notifications for storage facilities about expired insurance policies.  Reminders of past due invoices for policies.  Email and process of insurance certificates, and more.


The implementation of these solutions led to significant improvements in Discount Storage Insurance operations and customer satisfaction.  Checkout time was reduced to under 5 minutes, increasing conversion rates.  Customer retention was improved through prepayment incentives and reminders.  Enhanced scalability and efficiency in customer service and policy management was gained through automations. Discount Storage Insurance also expanded its market reach through API integrations to affiliate insurance agent sites.  Claims processing time was reduced by 60% and achieved month over month doubling in traffic and conversions. Gaining a large market share in the storage insurance industry within its first year of operation all while continuing its growth, innovation and dedication to its customers.

Discount Storage Insurance