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Innovative Podcast Community Application that Connects Podcasters with Renowned Guests

Podstarz.net, an innovative platform for emerging podcasters, sought the expertise of Thinkbound to develop an online application to streamline the podcast discovery, scheduling and interviewing process. The application aimed to connect podcast hosts with celebrities and accomplished professionals worldwide, creating a seamless and efficient platform for interview requests, scheduling, and payment.


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Tailored Mobile Application

Thinkbound developed a user-friendly website that seamlessly adapts to both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring an accessible browsing experience for all members.

Podstarz.net offers a straightforward account setup wizard for celebrities, making their profiles and availability public upon completion. Podcast hosts could then search easily for and book interviews based on availability, pricing and criteria fostering a transparent and efficient connection between the two parties.

Comprehensive Calendar and Scheduling

Celebrities and professionals have access to an interactive calendar to setup their availability along with day exceptions.

Based on the guests podcast durations, the Podstarz.net application presents up to 3 time slots for a podcast host with any respective time-zone conversions needed if the host and guests are in different time zones.  Upon payment by the podcast host, the podcast guest will receive notification to select a desired time.  Guests can review the podcast host profile and choose to approve or decline the interview request.

Interactive Interview Prompt and recording

During the interview, an interactive prompt remains open allowing communication between podcast host and guest and providing options to rate the current progress of the interview, report an issue, end-interview or extend time.  In the background, the application records all interactions, creating a comprehensive timeline of the interview.

Payment 2 step processing

Once the interview ends, the podcast payment is released by the system to the guest and both parties have the opportunity to interview each other privately and publicly to benefit from constructive feedback.


Thinkbound’s seamless integration of features streamlined the booking, scheduling, and payment processes, contributing to the platform’s successful achievement of business requirements.

Podstarz.net successfully debuted its platform at the Toronto International Film Festival, sponsoring the “Young Filmmakers Party” event. The application’s functionality and user-centric design garnered positive feedback, positioning Podstarz.net as a leading platform in the podcasting industry.