• Canadian Music Centre

Canadian Music Centre

The Canadian Music Centre (CMC) is a prominent institution dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Canadian musical works.

With a vast library of tens of thousands of records, CMC sought an innovative and secure approach to manage and share the creative works of Canadian composers online. Thinkbound, a digital solutions partner since 2018, has been instrumental in streamlining CMC’s workflows and websites, aligning them with modern technology while working across different stakeholders to ensure a successful multi-faceted digital transformation.

The primary goal was to develop a centralized administration platform for the assembly, promotion, preview and sale of Canadian musical compositions on the CMC websites and its digital library. This platform would streamline the submission of musical work by composers, increase internal efficiencies in assembling the work for purchase, facilitate digital asset management of audio files, automate archiving in existing library systems like SydneyEnterprise and e-commerce, and provide a seamless online experience for end-users and consumers that is future-ready.


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WordPress bridge to Microsoft Azure

Thinkbound established a connection between WordPress and the Azure Storage account where the digital assets have been copied.

This required moving out the WordPress media library to an Azure Storage container, and mapping the Azure files to the corresponding products. A unifying resource identifier was crucial to manage a large pool of over 10,000 products.

Once the digital assets were migrated to Azure, Thinkbound replaced the old URLs of the downloadable products in WooCommerce with encrypted URLs with custom parameters to send instructions to Azure to send corresponding digital assets. 

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File Assembly and Product Creation

To address the challenges of efficiently handling composer submissions, Thinkbound devised a comprehensive solution that streamlined the entire process.

Composers that paid their associated fees, can submit their musical scores through a user-friendly form, providing metadata such as composition title, duration, degree of difficulty, and details surrounding the work in addition to uploading the musical scores.

Once submitted, the system undertakes an automated analysis to identify score dimensions, number of pages, and match them with corresponding templates. Simultaneously, variable data entered by the composer is utilized to generate a cover letter and back cover.

The system dynamically adjusts for an even-paged layout, inserting a blank page if necessary. Following this, the document assembly takes place, adhering to a predefined naming convention, and the assembled files are uploaded to a secure cloud environment. WooCommerce API is then utilized to generate and post the respective product to the online store, utilizing a pricing model based on predefined parameters around the physical properties of the print and digital alternative.  The staff is promptly notified via email, providing them with a URL to the WooCommerce product for review.

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Modernize Audio Streaming

Modernizing the CentreStreams project was a critical aspect of Thinkbound’s digital transformation for CMC. With tens of thousands of audio files, a secure and tamper-proof streaming solution was developed utilizing an HTML5 audio player along with cloud hosting, enabling the streaming of audio files across any device including mobile phones. Tens of thousands of audio files were encoded utilizing Microsoft’s media service encoding and streaming ecosystem.  With a full repository of stream-ready music files in hand, Thinkbound created an embeddable HTML player that would play the associated audio files of a respective record based on CMC’s unique record identifier for their resources.  Utilizing an identifier allowed for an embedded music player in CMC’s digital library powered by SydneyEnterprise.. The migration of audio files into this streamable application marked a significant advancement, aligning the audio streaming process with contemporary standards and ensuring the protection of intellectual property.


This unified approach of using a resource identification number ensured consistency across platforms, reducing manual efforts and enhancing the overall efficiency of product and work management.


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Thinkbound’s solutions resulted in a robust, user-friendly digital platform for CMC, transforming their backend processes. Composer submissions, product creation, and order fulfillment are now automated, significantly reducing manual workload. The secure streaming of audio files enhances user experience, ensuring the protection of intellectual property. The integrated approach aligns with CMC’s objectives of digital innovation and provides a powerful and engaging experience for staff, end-users, and stakeholders alike.

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Thinkbound’s partnership with CMC showcases the successful implementation of a phased digital transformation, demonstrating the efficacy of modern technologies in enhancing operational efficiency and user experience within the constraints of a reasonable budget. This case study serves as a testament to the power of collaboration between innovative solution providers and organizations dedicated to embracing digital advancements.