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We’ve helped countless real estate agents reach their goals. You could be next.

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Define your target area

We’ve done our research – and we’re sure you have to. The way people look for houses and condos has changed drastically. Understanding online behaviour, creating content that matters, and connecting with high potential leads is possible – and we have created a system that works.Years ago, a certain internet billionaire said that on the internet “Content is King” (look it up!) and he was – and still is – right. But for you to constantly create content, do blog posts, disseminate it onto social media and analyze the results is not your strength – it’s ours! We can do this all for you in a cost effective way that will brand you as the area specialist, the one who knows, THE ONE BUYERS & SELLERS CAN TRUST.

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Content Writing

We use our know-how to create the best Agent Biography and Area write-ups that create and fit an image of you as the area specialist you are.
We manage your web site content and…this is the really, really, important part…create strategically written, relevant blog posts monthly on your web page. Let us tell you how our approach is finely tuned to work – long term - where others get you short lived success and long term disappointment... we want to be your partners – we want to see you grow!

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Search Optimization

Now here’s a term that seems simple but also gets used too often by too many people who don’t get how it should work for you…SEO. It’s more than a brief bump up the Google chart. It’s about creating a web site (and the content that goes with it) that makes your site a destination. We know how to do that – a successful modern agent needs to be more than a bunch of listings and a collection of the latest market research data. Let us show you how our approach combines keyword analysis, the creation and distribution of press releases and articles (on our private network of niche websites), strategic blog posts, and Social Media updates.

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Social Media, Email and Print Campaigns That Work!

And when you’re ready to compliment all of this with relevant and powerful marketing campaigns – we can deliver Social Media, email and print campaigns that get the most out of every dollar – cost effective and efficient is the key. We will set up and enhance your Facebook business page (and other social media outlets), use our management system to update social media feeds when a new blog is posted, set up email marketing calendars, automate email blasts and offer our cutting edge Monthly Reports. Email or call us right now and let us get you started. You know the time has come to make the jump into online and automated marketing that works! We are your coach – we are your partner – let’s grow together.

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We’ve helped countless real estate agents reach their goals. You could be next.