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Rankbound SEO

  • Take your business further than ever before
  • Generate more phone calls to your business
  • Gain new customers and improve sales
  • One page snapshot of your online visibility

Growing your business

  • Track phone calls & website inquiries
  • Statistics that matter
  • Ratingand note-taking features to improve sales calls
  • Easy to understand one-page search engine reports

Tune in to what matters

  • Listen to past sales conversations
  • Identify peak times fo web, email and call activity
  • Track results of specific campaigns
  • Mobile friendly
  • FREE account for Thinkbound clients

Track your climb to the top

  • Monthly ranking reports
  • Message center showing latest updates
  • Analytics to see increase in calls, email and visitors

Revolutionary reporting and analytics

Rankbound provides a revolutionary dashboard that is designed to help the client easily understand website statistics, view the most visited days and times on the internet, palyback phone conversations and track their customers, read website inquires, improve sales dialogue and live updates on their marketing campaign !

Call tracking and note taking

Setting up a phone number is easy to begin tracking leads coming from internet campaigns. Customize interactive voice response menus for your customers and integrate into your sales workflow.

Easy to understanding monthly rank reports

Easily track your work to the top of search engines with easy to understand one-pager Rankbound reports focussed on qualified search terms.

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