4 Ways a Real Estate Agent Can Make a Great First Impression Online


In today’s modern society, making a great first impression online for real estate professionals is crucial. Nowadays, many home buyers are tech savvy and look to the internet as the research tool, therefore, as a real estate agent, establishing a good online presence, and having a great first impression is vital. As a matter of fact, a recent study revealed that it takes about 2/8ths of a second for online prospects to form their opinion about you, and your brand. In this article, we are going to give you four ways a real estate agent can make a great first impression online;

1. Professional Website
Make sure you’ve a modern looking site which makes a great 1st impression. The website needs to have appealing and eye catching graphics, should be easy to navigate, and should also instantly make your visitors feel much welcome from the very second they land on it. The site should be a smooth, seamless integration of both your online and offline persona.

In order to have a superb and professional looking website, your first need to have a thorough website review done. The usability, functionality, quality of content and graphics on your site, need to be reviewed by a professional. You need to ask yourself one simple question, does the site provide the information your target audience is seeking in a format that’s easy to navigate? If the answer is no, then some work needs to be done. In order for you to make a great first impression, you need a professional site that’s customized to your unique concept. If you are not skilled in web design, you should consider hiring Toronto real estate website design professionals like Thinkbound Marketing Solutions to help your out.

2. Great Bio
Do not have the same old type of bio which every other real estate agent has. Be unique, be different. In your bio, give your prospects the type of information they’re looking for. This can include; your credentials, your experience, how you can help them, what you know about the local community, among others. The information shared on your website’s bio, Facebook profile, or Twitter profile, should present a well balanced summary of who you’re, and should be consistent. Keep your bio/profile educational, fun, engaging and upbeat. If you are not much of a writer, you should consider hiring Toronto real estate website design professionals like Thinkbound Marketing Solutions to help you out.

3. Respond Quickly
Whether it is via website, social media, text, email, or phone, the 1st time you communicate with your client is very important. That is why responding in time is crucial. You should set a goal where you respond to every single lead within 30 minutes or less. Well, if you are on vacation, in a meeting, or completely unavailable, there is a solution to that. You can have contact management systems put in place which will allow for automated responses. This means that your system will send a quick email or text letting your lead(s) know that you have received their request(s), and you will get back to them soonest possible.

4.Get a Professional, Eye Catching Profile Photo
Ensure you get a professional, eye catching and modern head shot. You should consider hiring a professional photographer so as to make sure you get the best possible head shot for your online profiles.

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